Since 1954, ACME’s dynamic journey of successful transformation from good to great.

In 1954, ACME was founded modestly as a Proprietorship Firm at Narayangonj by the great visionary, the Late Hamidur Rahman Sinha, with a very noble and holistic motto to ensure health, vigour and happiness for all.

At that time, the prevalent environment for establishing any industry by an East Pakistani Entrepreneur was very much difficult. But due to unplugging zeal, courage and enthusiasm of Mr. Hamidur Rahman Sinha together with his ardent desires and pragmatic leadership did not let the journey of ACME stop. In this noble journey undoubtedly the continued support and cooperation of Mr. Sinha’s beloved wife, Late Nurjahan Sinha, was a fundamental source of inspiration.

ACME’s journey during pre-liberation period was not smooth at all rather it was very much crucial, challenging, and full of uncertainty as because in those days, the pharmaceuticals market was dominated by multinational companies and the negative attitude of the Pakistani rulers towards East Pakistani Entrepreneurs as well.

Because of previous successful business track record of Late Hamidur Rahman Sinha, during pre-partition period coupled with the rich heirs of business legacy from his father, he was a very sound business planner. As such, he made a foolproof strategic planning for the chronological journey and transformation of the company to make it a success story.

In 1971, the great liberation war was fought and the overall situation of the country was drastically deteriorated until independence was won in December 1971. After liberation, the factory of ACME had to transfer to Dhaka for an interim period with a view to eventually transfer it in a larger location outside Dhaka City.

In 1976, the ACME was converted into a Private Limited Company for giving it perpetual shape and eventually in 1983, the ACME’s plant was transferred to Dhamrai on the outskirts of the capital about forty kilometers away from Dhaka City after making BMRE. At that time Mr. Mizanur Rahman Sinha became Managing Director of the company and Dr. Jabilur Rahman Sinha and Mr. Afzalur Rahman Sinha became Deputy Managing Directors of the Company apart from other promoter Directors.

Mr. Hamidur Rahman Sinha gave his children appropriate education, trained them about business during his lifetime and set them on proper path with a long-term succession plan for running the organization. After sad demise of Mr. Hamidur Rahman Sinha in 1994, his eldest son Mr. Nasir-Ur Rahman Sinha became Chairman of the company.

At that crucial time when Company was suffering the agony of founder’s sad demise, the Managing Director & CEO of the company, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Sinha was the one who played pivotal role of the company and build a very well-motivated team of Directors, Shareholders and total Human Resources of the company to materialize the unfinished tasks of late Founder. Then after, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Sinha concentrated his mind to re-build ACME completely in a new state of art facilities in all respect in order to meet the global challenges of the medicinal world of 21st century. In this phase Mr. Mizanur Rahman Sinha played the role of a visionary leader, great catalyst and versatile facilitator. By his charismatic leadership, appropriate decision making abilities, bold perseverance together with the wholehearted efforts of other key Directors and dedicated efficient professionals, company went through huge expansion phases and established most modern state of the art production line facilities. He also turned the ordinary Marketing & Distribution network into one of the strongest in National and International grounds making the company one of the top players in Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh.  In order to make the plans successful and to take its best shot, in 2011 The ACME Laboratories Limited converted into a Public Limited Company for strengthening its capacity & skill and also accelerating its speed to meet the global challenges of 21st century.

With a view to reinforce the strength of Board of Directors and to ensure more transparency and good governance in day to day business activities of the company, two Nominee Directors namely Mr. Md. Fayekuzzaman, Managing Director of ICB and Mr. Md. Abdur Rouf, General Manager of ICB joined in the Board in 2013. In 2014, another two persons namely Syed Shahed Reza, Ex-Ambassador and Ms. Fouzia Haque, FCA joined as Independent Directors. All the above four Directors are highly professional, skilled, well-experienced and reputed in their respective field of business.

Unfortunately, in 2014 Mr. Nasir Ur Rahman Sinha, voluntarily retired from the post of the Chairman due to his prolonged severe physical illness and Mr. Afzalur Rahman Sinha was appointed as Chairman of the company on 21st September, 2014.

Virtually ACME’s starting in 1954, was a modest but a very good and noble initiative. In 1976, converting the sole Proprietorship Firm into a Private Limited Company was a better and more sustainable approach. Finally, transforming it into a Public Limited Company and amalgamating with its sister concern in the recent past has turned into a great company.

In brief, this is the story of ACME’s dynamic journey of successful transformation from good to better and better to a great company – a glaring example of passionate, consistent and excellent business practice.