Global Operation

ACME’s success in the domestic market prompted it to explore the international market. With the philosophy of ensuring health, vigour and happiness for the whole mankind, ACME started its international business operations in 1995 by exporting medicines to Bhutan. Since then, ACME made a strong presence in the international market. At present, ACME is successfully exporting its quality products to more than 20 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Central America.

The future promises greater prospects for the international marketing of ACME. ACME being aware of the global opportunities for pharmaceutical business relentlessly bolsters its international presence by capacity building, quality products and superior services.

Current Markets

Afghanistan Belize Botswana
Bhutan Cambodia Fiji
Guatemala Hong Kong Iraq
Kenya Nepal Philippines
Papua New Guinea Somalia Sri Lanka
Thailand Uzbekistan Vietnam
Ethiopia Ghana Lao PDR
Mongolia Myanmar Nigeria
Peru Tanzania  

Market under Exploration

Many Countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and Latin America are under exploration


We are working for the GMP certification of our manufacturing facilities from UK MHRA and other SRAs