Global Presence

Novel Mission, Vision and Commitments

Perpetual Quest For Excellence

The ACME Laboratories Ltd. is one of the leading generic pharmaceuticals manufacturers in Bangladesh. Meeting the local needs, ACME has been one of the first to expand its reaches globally.

To deliver medicines to the healing hands. ACME’s focus has always been and always will be quality and serving humanity.


Our Global Presence

Asia Pacific
MENA & Africa
North America


The humble beginning of the International Journey of ACME was in 1995 with a small shipment to Bhutan. This was just the start of a dream. Slowly other countries in Asia were explored.

Then came the journey over to other continents. Africa, Central and South America, Oceania and Middle East came within our grasp. Followed by the GMP accreditation from one the most prestigious Regulatory Authorities, UK MHRA, we made our first shipment to the UK in 2020. And now we are working with Strategic Partners in the UK and EU for contract manufacturing services.

After years of hard work came the jewel of our achievements, entry into the US Market. We have approved ANDAs in US and several are in pipeline. In 2021, ACME became the first in Bangladesh and the fourth in the world to obtain WHO Prequalification for its Zinc Sulfate Dispersible Tablet. What started as a small seed has now grown into a tree offering its soothing shade to all in need.

What Sets Us Apart


A customer first approach and a dynamic mind set. We understand that sustainable growth is only possible when the customer is happy. Our entire business process is to ensure just that. In the global village having a dynamic mind set and the ability to adapt the varied needs of the diverse customer is key. We offer tailored fit services to meet the needs of our customer.



our operation span many continents and many countries with differing Regulatory Requirements. ACME has a robust understanding of the different Regulatory Requirements thus ensuring faster dossier submission ensuring quicker approvals of products. When working in completely new regions we are known to learn fast.

Our Approach

New Product Development

We are always ready to develop new products to meet the demands of our valued partners.

Contract Manufacturing

We have become a trusted and reliable Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) to many global generic players. We offer our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to interested companies for product manufacturing in their own brands.

Co-Licensing, Co-Development And Joint Venture

We always look for new opportunities for expansion and already have in place Co-licensing agreements with companies operating in stringent regulatory markets.