Human Resources

Our People

“Our People” is our pride and we believe in the philosophy of “People is our Prime Asset”. This is how we direct our lives at ACME every day. We believe, one of our major strengths is the diversity of our people and the rich experience that they bring across with varied skill-sets, backgrounds and cultures which bind the ACME family together in a common stand. More than 7,000 full time qualified, trained and skilled professionals, including a good number of white and gold collar employees such as pharmacists, chemists, doctors, microbiologists, scientists, engineers, accountants and business administration graduates and/or post-graduates are currently working at ACME. We believe in nurturing our people and ensuring their prosper, alongside the growth of the organization. Our people are at the heart of our business. They are responsible for having taken our organization to the heights that it has been visioned. We are preparing themselves for their next big leap by providing various internal, external training programs and guiding them into a diversified Modern HR Environment.

Performance Oriented Culture

Human Resource Development team believes in a performance oriented culture. Employees are recruited, rewarded and given opportunities in the organization, purely based on their merits. The backbone of this culture is the Performance Management System, the aim of which is to evaluate employees’ performance in a fair and transparent manner.

Talent Hunt

Our another key HR process is to identify the potential of employees through a ‘Talent Pool’ review mechanism. The objective is to build a robust talent pipeline by evaluating readiness of employees for identified roles. Employees are mapped on the potential framework so that different types of groups are managed with different approaches. In this way, we are able to differentiate across varied kinds of talent within the organization.

Learning Opportunity & Attractive Pay Package

We provide our employees opportunity to learn, contribute and grow, besides offering a competitive overall pay package with other benefits. We also strongly believe that the competent people is the key driving force behind an organization’s growth and success. Our reward concept thus establishes strong linkages between performance and pay, clearly recognizing the impact of individual excellence on business results.

Leadership Development

We believe that every individual has the potential to be a Leader. We prepare individuals to effectively manage self, others and business. Our modern HR practices proceeds an individual in becoming a functional or a business leader, understanding and appreciating the multiple facets and the dynamics of business. Finally, our employees are given the opportunity to lead as leaders and drive the change toward the ultimate success.