Legal, Regulatory & QMS

Focuses on Legislation & Quality Management


Legal & Regulatory Compliance

This Division Consists of Two Major Functions Legal & Regulatory Compliance; Quality Management & Organization Development.

The Legal & Compliance Department is responsible for performing and resolving all legal and legal related matters i.e., external and internal legal issues that originate from the affairs of the company.

This department is also involved with the activities related to litigation, investigation, compliance, merger, acquisition, maintenance and prevention of legal issues providing legal opinions and assistance in respect of the legality and compliance of the company’s actions including reviewing and drafting contracts and other legal issues of the company with regards to the employee relations.


Quality Management & Organization Development

Quality Management & Organization Development provides a variety of professional and management support across the organization in maintaining suitable system by the means of strategic integration of ISO, TQM, business excellence criteria and other best practices that are proven effective for the business.

This department incessantly contributes to the implementation of business performance management, organization re-structuring and change management process for the continual improvement of organization’s health and effectiveness.