Marketing, Sales & Distribution

Since 1954, being constantly focused on the diverse requirements of the customers we have expanded our business into different therapeutic areas through ensuring different flexible options in terms of both acute and chronic care treatment needs. To keep pace with the trend of globalization and exploit the benefits of modern IT infrastructure we have adopted versatile approach that will help maximize customer satisfaction. We want to gain competitive edge through increasing our understanding of customers’ needs and offering services that will be unmatched in this industry. Our endeavour is to become a truly value focused and market oriented company with vestiges of genuine customer care and corporate citizenship. Our real intent is to establish new and innovative tracts of therapeutic care that are always consistent and commensurate with the rising needs of therapeutic areas from the perspectives of domestic market.Currently we are one of the major players in the following areas among the local pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bangladesh:

Pharmaceutical Products Ayurvedic Products
Herbal and Nutraceutical Product Veterinary Products


Pharmaceutical Products

With the vision to ensure health, vigour and happiness for all and promise to make the world a healthier place, our pharmaceuticals business brings trusted brands to broader populations in both home market and emerging markets outside Bangladesh. We offer a growing portfolio of high-quality, affordable, branded generic medicines in the following therapeutic areas:

Antibiotic -Antiprotozoal Cardiovascular
Antibiotic -Carbapenem Central Nervous System
Antibiotic -Cephalosporins Antimigraine
Antibiotic -Fluoroquinolone Muscle Relaxant
Antibiotic -Lincosamide Dermatological
Antibiotic -Macrolide Erectile Dysfunction
Antibiotic -Penicillin Vitamins & Minerals
Antibiotic -Quinolone Antioxidants
Antibiotic -Sulpha drug
Antibiotic -Tetracycline  Analgesics
Antiviral  Cough & Cold Preparation
Antacid Antihistamine
Antiulcerant Antiasthmatic
Laxative Antifibrinolytic
Antiemetic & Gastroprokinetic Anti-hemorrhoidal
Antidiarrheal Nasal Products
Antispasmodic Opthalmic Products
Antidiabetic Steroid

Visit our Products page to see the details about the products we are currently manufacturing and marketing.

Ayurvedic, Herbal And Nutraceutical Products

After amendment of Drug Ordinance in 2005, modern herbal medicine, other than Unani and Ayurvedic medicine was included in the Ordinance and ACME stepped into the promising field of herbal medicine and was qualified to get License for production of herbal medicine in 2007 and production started in 2008. Within the short span of time ACME’s Herbal and Ayurvedic products became trustworthy to the medical professionals for quality and efficacy. After prestigious presence in the country, ACME is trying to explore international market of herbal medicines.

Visit our Products page to see the details about the Ayurvedic, Herbal and Nutraceutical products we are currently manufacturing and marketing.

Veterinary Products

Success in manufacturing & marketing of human medicines and the significant role of agro-industry in national economy have encouraged the company to produce veterinary medicine. ACME commenced the production of veterinary medicine in 1999 and since then, Animal Health Section of ACME is relentless to meet the demand of rapidly growing market. The quality of veterinary products is uncompromising and has been given utmost attention.

ACME’s veterinary product line covers a wide range of therapeutic classes like anthelmintic, antiprotozoal, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antihistaminic, appetizing & stomachic, electrolytic, vitamin, mineral & amino acid premix. The quality & customer focused approach of the animal health section have made ACME the leading veterinary medicine producing pharmaceutical company in the country.

Visit our Products page to see the details about the Veterinary products we are currently manufacturing and marketing.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution Strengths

  • Novel Mission, Vision and commitments
  • 60 years company brand image
  • Consistent Quality Policies
  • Fool-proof scientific integrated marketing strategy
  • Time-tested high quality products
  • Excellent relationship with doctors, chemists and other concerned persons.
  • Mega sales force comprising of more than three thousand experienced, skilled and devoted persons.
  • Diverse range of products
  • World class manufacturing facilities
  • Comprehensive marketing and distribution network (Both in domestic and international markets)

ACME Sales Centers

Barisal Sales Center:
433 N Hossain Avenue,
Police Line Road, Barisal.
Tel: 0431-52739
Mobile: 01711-823035
Bogra Sales Center:
Fuldigi, Holding #. 1887/A
Dhaka Rangpur Highway, Fuldigi, Bogra.
Tel: 051-66570
Mobile: 01711-891072
B.Baria Sales Center:
1081/1, West Medda, B. Baria.
Mobile: 01730-002865
Central Sales Center:
Jadhur Char, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
Tel: 7741742, 7741743
Mobile: 01711-425106
Chakaria Sales Center:
Thana Road, Chakaria Pourashava, Chiringa, Cox Bazar, Chakaria.
Chittagong Sales Center:
Dhuppul Bazar, S.M Hachari, South Burichar, P.O. Nor Ali Bari, Hathazari, Chittagong.
Chowmuhani Sales Center:
Kachari Bari Mosjid Road, Chowmuhani.
Comilla Sales Center:
Prity Bhovan, 97 Ga, Gangchar, West Side of Harun School, Chandpur, Comilla.


Dhaka City North, South & Savar SC:
Jadhur Char, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
Tel: 7742892
Mobile: 01713-426841
Dinajpur Sales Center:
House # 132, Block-1, Road # 4,
Word # 1, Upashahar, Dinajpur
Tel: 0531-62062, Mobile: 01711-615283
Faridpur Sales Center:
27/19/2 , Mollah Bari Road,
Goalchamot, Faridpur.
Tel: 0631-61044, Mobile: 01711-404766
Jessore Sales Center:
58, Upa-Shahar, Sector-2, Jessore.
Tel: 0421-68576
Mobile: 01711-823032
Khulna Sales Center:
43, Yousuf Row, Mirzapur, Khulna.
Tel: 041-721594
Mobile: 01711-823039
Savar Sales Center:
Jadhur Char, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka,
Mobile: 01711-823035
Narayangonj Sales Center:
House-1, Block-C, Road #3.
Moddha Sostapur, Narayangonj.
Tel: 7613696, Mobile: 01711-628640
Rajshahi Sales Center:
268 Shagorpara, (Bot Tola Moor),
Ghoramara, Rajshahi.
Tel: 0721-774806, Mobile: 01711-823027
Rangpur Sales Center:
House # 162/1, Road # 18, R.K. Shatgara Road,
Islambagh, Upashar, Rangpur.
Tel: 0521-62164, Mobile: 01711-437859
Mymensingh Sales Center:
258/1 Taltola, Dholadia, Mymensingh
Tel: 091-54416
Mobile: 01711-628638
Sylhet Sales Center:
17/B, Housing Estate, Amborkhana, Sylhet.
Tel: 0821-716810,
Mobile: 01711-823040