Commitment to the Society


We are firmly committed to provide support to the society where we operate. We believe that our positive attitude could make difference in our community and society and we invest a lot to make positive changes in the society. We are working in different areas like poverty reduction, promoting education, helping autistic person, promoting healthcare awareness etc. among many others.

Poverty eradication

The ACME Laboratories ltd. has been working with herbal and medicinal plants. The mission behind this has some objectives:

  • To help the country’s rural poor and ultra-poor.
  • To improve the economic status to make them self-reliant by selling their organically grown herbs and also meet their household requirements by means of herbal remedies for their primary healthcare purposes.

In the year 2006 ACME initially started its operation in a modest way in the northern region by uniting poor and ultra-poor people, imparting formal training and continuous capacity building activities. At present the activities has been expanded widely throughout the country.

We are engaged in herbal farming like, Basok, Ashagandha, Shotomuli, Tulsi and Kalomegh. In 2006, ACME tied up with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, a famed Switzerland based institution. Since then the number of herbal plant farmers increased from 3 hundreds to more than 60 thousands.

As a part of fair trade practice, now we are providing them informal education, sanitation and healthcare training, we are also extending our activities in those areas for conserving bio-diversity.

Promoting Education

As a part of involvement to promote education, The ACME Laboratories Ltd. has donated to the following educational institutions for building up their infrastructures:

  • Late Hamidur Rahman Sinha Bhabon at Loahjong Collage
  • Late Noor Jahan Sinha Bhaban at Malkhana School & Collage
  • Ichahpur K.B College Bhaban
  • Sirajdi Khan High School Bhaban
  • Nowapara High School Bhaban
  • Ichahpur High School Bhaban
  • Kolma high school Sinha Bhaban
  • Taltola Jam-e Mosque

Promoting healthcare awareness

For the greater benefit of society and other public and non-profit organizations, ACME has dedicated medical services department that regularly holds various awareness programs on asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, AIDS etc. in association with relevant experts. It also provides academic support to the medical community in the form of scientific seminars, symposium and round-table discussions. Additionally, it provides free medicines and support in arranging health camps run by the doctors’ community and other non-profit organizations.

Patronizing sports and other events

ACME actively patronizes many social events especially in sports like Football, Cricket and Hokey at national as well as divisional levels. ACME regularly contributes to Salvation For the Deserving (SFD) – a not for profit organization with a view to help autistic people by training and empowering them.

ACME has the fame for standing beside humanity in the case of natural disasters, contributed by providing financial assistance to Sri-Lankan delegates soon after Sri-Lanka became victim of Tsunami.

ACME believes that the world will be a better place if people get what they really want.