Special Month Celebration

October 24, 2021

The month of October is marked as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Women in our culture are shy to express their disease like this and sometimes they even do not realize that they are having breast cancer until it is too late. So we need to encourage women to attend their appointments, to have the check-up or treatment. We can set up awareness programs nationwide with the help of the government to urge women to continue seeking advice and screening in order to detect breast cancer at the earliest stage possible. Such awareness programs will translate into more early diagnosis and lives saved.

So we can create awareness in facing breast cancer challenges through organizing “Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness Programs” as previous. On 24th Oct, 2021 we arranged and conducted an awareness program at Merin City Medical College and Hospital, Chattogram, chaired by Prof. Dr. Ashraf Ali and conducted by Dr. Afroza Akhter, Head, MSPD on behalf of ACME.