BFS, Liquid and Semi-Solid Unit

One of the largest State-of-the-Art
Blow Fill Seal (BFS) – LVP & SVP facilities in Bangladesh

In order to meet the growing demand of healthcare, we have already established a technologically advanced plant which will produce Large Volume Parenteral (LVP), Liquid, Cream and Ointment.

The LPV facility ensures highest quality standard during manufacture. The whole manufacturing process provides-

>  Absolute sterile manufacturing condition
>  No human physical contact with the product
>  Class 100 clean room


The ACME Laboratories Ltd.enters into the era of BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) technology . The technology is provided by Rommelag, Germany, the most renownedand innovator of BFS technology in the world. ACME is manufacturing Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) fluid products (ACME’s Dextrose – DA 5%,  ACME’s Dextrose DS – DA 10%, ACME’s Normal Saline – NS, ACME’s Cholera Saline – CS) through BFS technology with the State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities in a dedicated plant.

The highly sophisticated fully integrated production process where in one continuous operation the container is blow, formed, filled with the solution and sealed. The entire process takes place in a completely sterile environment within the machine, without human intervention which eliminates any risk of contamination. The Quality Control laboratory at the plant ensures intensive quality control checks at all the stages of production process.