Cephalosporin Unit

Separate & Dedicated Facility for Cephalosporin Molecules

The Cephalosporin Unit is the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility unit for oral and parenteral dosage forms.
  • Completely separate & dedicated Cephalosporin unit.
  • Follows the cGMP guidelines.
  • Well established Quality Control & Microbiological Laboratory.

The production buildings were established in 2013 and commercial manufacturing was initiated in the same year.

To prevent cross-contamination between products as well as to safeguard the workers’ health and environmental safety is the prime responsibility of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Therefore, it is mandatory to manufacture cephalosporin products in separate and dedicated self-contained areas with separate air handling facilities.

The production process provides an absolute sterile manufacturing condition for injectables which is ensured through a series of fully automated manufacturing procedures.

The Trained Panel of Experts

A team of personnel of various disciplines and pharmacists are working together to meet the globally recognized guidelines with the objective of continuous improvement in quality.


Resourceful component of Cephalosporin Unit:

  • Sophisticated machineries.
  • Robust technology.
  • Skilled & experienced manpower.
  • Closed system to prevent contamination & cross-contamination.

Dosages forms manufactured at Cephalosporin Unit:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Powder for suspension
  • Injectables