General Unit

ACME’s modernized plant is located at Dhamrai, about 40 km N.W. of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. While designing and constructing the plant, proper attention was paid to the latest concepts of cross contamination, air circulation and air handling, particle-free finishes, equipment layout, process flow, hygiene and safety. Special care has also been given in selecting machinery and laboratory instruments. The Plant has the most sophisticated equipments and machineries. Environment friendly modern ETP & Incinerator are available for managing solid and liquid waste disposal.



ACME is committed to achieve excellence by appropriate implementation of ISO 9001:2015, WHO cGMP.  As a whole, ACME’s Plant is a testimony to its basic commitment for manufacturing with the highest obtainable quality standards ethical drugs.

Human Products Formulations

Manufacturing Capabilities
Tablet Capsule Injections
Liquid Powder for Suspension Cream & Ointment
Inhaler Eye, Ear & Nasal drops Suppository


Packaging Capabilities
Strip Blister Sachet
Vial Filling Bottle  Filling  Tube Filling


Yearly Production Capacity
Tablets 1,441 million units
Capsules 256 million units
Sachets 2 million units
Powder for Suspensions/Syrup 7 million units
Liquid Syrup and Suspension 70 million units
Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) 22 million units
Vials (dry powder) 20 million units
Ampoules 32 million units
Infusions 1 million units
Suppositories 36 million units
Meter Dose Inhaler (MDI) 2 million units
Ointments 4 million units
Drops (Ophthalmic, Nasal and Otic) 10 million units
Creams 18 million units