Herbal & Ayurvedic Unit

Traditional Medicine for Cure in GMP Compliant Facility

The Herbal & Ayurvedic Unit is a complete and well equipped facility to manufacture a wide range of natural medicine.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  • Follows the cGMP guidelines.
  • Complies with the EHS requirements.
  • Well established Quality Control & Microbiological Laboratory.

Well oriented facility with modern machineries

Herbal and Ayurvedic Division emerged as a section of Manufacturing Department in the year 2003 and upon meeting all regulatory requirements; the production and marketing of Ayurvedic products started in the same year also.

The area of Herbal Solid Manufacturing facility with Quality Operations Division (QOD), Liquid Manufacturing facility & Warehouse are 11,534 sq. ft.; 6,000 sq. ft.; 10,754 sq. ft. respectively those are located at different floors of the unit.

Environment friendly modern ETP and incinerator are available for managing solid and liquid waste disposal to ensure healthy environment for all.

Spacious & well organized Ayurvedic facility

The area of Ayurvedic Liquid, Solid, QOD & warehouse are 9,211 sq. ft.; 11,534 sq. ft.; 5,500 sq. ft 10,754 sq. ft. respectively those are well organized at different floors of the unit.