Penicillin Unit

Separate & Dedicated Facility for Penicillin Molecules

The Penicillin Unit is completely separated & dedicated from other manufacturing units to ensure zero cross-contamination.
  • Follows the cGMP guidelines
  • Complies with the EHS requirements.
  • Completely separate & dedicated Penicillin unit

The facility ensures the highest quality standard

In order to minimize the risk of a serious health hazard due to cross contamination; separate and dedicated Penicillin manufacturing facility is available for the production of particular medicinal product.

The facility ensures the highest quality standard during manufacture and extreme care is taken in every stages of operation in order to maintain stringent class conditions.

ISO Standard Facility

Total facility area is about 65,610 sft. where ISO Class 8 area is about 5,617 sft., ISO Class 7 area is about 143 sft., ISO Class 5 area is about 924 sft. and social class area is about 9,720 sft.


Resourceful component of Penicillin Unit

  • Sophisticated machineries.
  • Robust technology.
  • Skilled & experienced manpower.
  • Closed system to prevent contamination & cross-contamination.

Dosages forms manufactured at Penicillin Unit

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Sachet
  • Injectables
  • Water soluble premix