Solid Dosage Unit


The Solid Dosage Unit (SDU) of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. is the state-of-the-art facility manufacturing unit for oral solid dosages forms. Total facility area is 2, 19162 sft and ISO Class 8 area is 43,726 sft. It is a dedicated building for non-penicillin, non-cephalosporin and non-steroid products. Environment friendly modern ETP (540000 L/Day) & Incinerator (100 kg/h) are available for managing solid and liquid waste disposal.



Solid Dosage Unit is an innovative and vision-driven manufacturing unit, designed   to conform global standards like WHO-cGMP and UK-MHRA. The finest and one of largest manufacturing facility in Bangladesh has been established by active guidance of European Consultants. Facilities and Processes are of the highest quality which has been designed to achieve quality products with vision to meet the growing demand of home market and also to meet the cGMP of Stringent Regulatory Authority (SRA) in global market. With its cutting edge state-of-the-art technology, the Solid Dosage Unit (SDU) is committed to improve the health and quality of life of patients of our country and across the world.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Tablet, Capsule, Pellets/ Powder for Suspension, Sachets, Liquid in Hard Gelatin Capsule

Packaging Capabilities

Blister with HAPA Foil Printing, Strip, Blister, Sachet, Glass Bottle Filling.

Production Capacity of Solid Dosage Unit

Tablets Capsules Dry Syrup
3,456 million units per year 385 million units per year 12 million units per year