Notification for General Information of the Shareholders

This is for the kind information of all our valued shareholders that the Annual Report 2017-2018 of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. in soft form, including all relevant Annual Audited Financial Statements, Management’s Discussion and Analysis, Report or Certificate on Compliance of the Corporate Governance Code and Director’s Report along with the notice of the 42nd Annual General Meeting have been transmitted to the respective shareholders of the Company through their E-mail ID available in their Beneficiary Owners (BO) accounts with the Depository.

The members whose E-mail ID were not updated with BO Accounts on the record date are requested to provide us the correct E-mail ID before 4 December 2018 as we can send the soft copy of the Annual Report 2017-2018 before AGM.

The members may also collect the Annual Report from the website of the ACME Laboratories Ltd. ( linked with the Stock Exchanges.

The members may also collect the Annual Report from the Investors Relation Department of the Company or from the AGM venue by submitting the written request within 4 December 2018.

This is in compliance with the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission’s Notification No. BSEC/CMRRCD/2006-158/208/Admin/81; dated: 20 June 2018.