ACME has proudly launched 10 brands for the 1st time in Bangladesh

Breaking News! Introducing the conception of a spectacular legacy!

The ACME Laboratories Ltd. has proudly introduced a grand total of 10 remarkable 1st time in Bangladesh brands in 16 presentations hitting our pharma market at a time! It is really a matter of pride for the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as for the country.

This manufacturing excellency of ACME, helps build the confidence of our physicians which ultimately supports to heal the patients.

We couldn't be more excited to share these groundbreaking products with all, and we're confident they will exceed all of your expectations.

1. Vonix
2. Filofer
3. Prindol
4. Miraba
5. Omari
6. Imegli
7. Limbix DS
8. Glifo-M
9. Tracid
10. Pranlu