Prophylaxis of classic (with aura) or common (without aura) migraine

 Symptomatic treatment of vestibular vertigo and motion sickness

 Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

 Refractory epilepsy resistant to conventional antiepileptic therapy.

Dosage and Administration

For migraine prophylaxis : Starting dose is 10 mg daily (at night) in patients less than 65 years of age and 5 mg in patients older than 65 years.

Maintenance treatment : If a patient’s response is satisfactory and a maintenance treatment is needed, the dose should be decreased to 5 days (of a week) treatment at the same daily dose with two successive medicine free days.

For vertigo and motion sickness : 10 mg daily in adults and 5 mg in children (<40 kg).

Peripheral Vascular Disease : 10 mg twice daily, up to 30 mg per day if required.

For epilepsy : 15 mg to 20 mg daily in adults and 5 to 10 mg daily in children.


Fluzin 5 : Flunarizine 5 mg.

Fluzin 10 : Flunarizine 10 mg.