Levodopa And Carbidopa

CNS ┬╗ Dopamine precursors



Parkinsons disease.

Dosage and Administration

 Patients not presently receiving levodopa : 1 tablet of Levopa 110, 3 times daily; increase by 1 tablet every 1 - 2 days until a dosage of 6 tablets per day is reached. When it is evident that more levodopa is needed, Levopa 275, at a dosage of 1 tablet 3 - 4 times a day, should be substituted.

Patients receiving levodopa : When patients are receiving levodopa, it must be discontinued at least 8 hours before Levopa is started. A daily dosage of Levopa should be chosen that will provide approximately 25% of the previous levodopa daily dosage.


Levopa 110 : Levodopa BP 100 mg and Carbidopa BP 10 mg.

Levopa 275 : Levodopa BP 250 mg and Carbidopa BP 25 mg.