Progel 8% Vaginal Gel

Progesterone USP

Hormone & Steroid



Progel is indicated for the maintenance of pregnancy in case of threatened / recurrent abortion and for Luteal Phase Support during IVF.

Dosage and Administration

Route of Administration: Vaginal

The usual dose of Progel is 1.125 gm gel once daily. The duration of therapy is 1st trimester of gestation.rn

Maintenance of Pregnancy in case of Threatened/Recurrent abortion: Progel vaginally once daily (90 mg of 8% gel)rn

Secondary Amenorrhea: Progel vaginally once daily (90 mg of 8% gel) for every alternative day for 6 day.rn

Luteal Phase support in IVF: Progel is given at a dose of 90 mg preferably within 2 days after hCG administration. If pregnancy occurs treatment may continue for up to 10 to 12 weeks. Maximum dosage recommendation of Progel is twice daily.rn



Each gram gel contains Progesterone micronized USP80 mg.