Lower respiratory tract infections, Skin & skin structure infections, Urinary tract infections, Bacterial septicemia, Bone & joint infections, Gynecologic infections, Intra-abdominal infections, Central nervous system infections Infections associated with haemo-and peritoneal dialysis and with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD).

Dosage and Administration







Usual recommended dosage

1 g IV or IM

8-12 hourly

Uncomplicated pneumonia

500mg-1gIV or IM

8 hourly

Lung infections

30-35 mg /kg IV

8 hourly

Mild skin and skin-structure infections

500 mg - 1 g IV or IM

8 hourly

Complicated urinary tract infections

500 mg IV or IM

12 hourly

Bone & joint infections, severe
life-threatening infections especially in

immunocompromised patients, Meningitis,

Serious gynecologic and intra-abdominal infections

2 g IV

8 hourly

Neonates (0-4 weeks)

30 mg/kg IV

12 hourly

Infants and children

(1 month - 12 years)

30-50 mg/kg IV to maximum

of 6 g per day

8 hourly

Dose in dialysis : 1 g loading dose followed by 1 g after each hemodialysis period.


Trizidim® 250 mg IM / IV : Ceftazidime USP 250 mg.

Trizidim® 500 mg IM / IV : Ceftazidime USP 500 mg.

Trizidim® 1 g IM / IV : Ceftazidime USP 1 g.

Water for injection : Each ampoule contains 5 ml or 10 ml sterile water for injection BP for reconstitution


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